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What is Cotton Sateen?

What is Cotton Sateen?

What Is Cotton Sateen? 

Sourcing fabric for any purpose can be confusing. The variety available and the competition amongst suppliers makes it even more so. Therefore, a little textile knowledge can go a long way. Cotton Sateen is a great fabric worth considering when faced with myriad options. 

The following guide contains information about cotton sateen and how it compares to other fabrics. 

What Exactly Is Cotton Sateen? 

Cotton Sateen is made from 100% cotton woven in the sateen technique. Instead of the “one over one under” technique usually applied to cotton, sateen weaving involves a “three over one under” technique. 

This pattern increases the thread count. The same technique is used to weave traditional satin. However, traditional satin is woven using polyester. 

The technique gives the fabric its sheen and softness. One side of the fabric remains matte, while the other side ends up with a silky feel suitable for luxury bed linen. 

To make it extra luxurious, the cotton is mercerised before weaving. Mercerisation is the process of treating with chemicals to eliminate impurities and reduce shrinkage. 

Benefits of Using Cotton Sateen 

Here's why you should choose cotton satin for your bedding: 

High Thread Count 

Thread count is the main standard in determining the quality of bedding. Cotton Sateen offers a high thread count and the added benefits of a smooth, luxurious feel. Bedding made from this fabric will be thicker and warmer as a result. This makes cotton sateen suitable for use in the colder months. 

Breathable Fabric 

Satiny, shiny fabrics are often associated with decreased breathability, but cotton sateen is breathable because it is woven from cotton. 


The tight, compact weaving of the sateen technique will ensure durability. You won't have to get new bedding every few months. 

Water Resistant 

Mercerisation makes fabric water-resistant to a certain degree. This translates to drier, easier-to-clean bed linen, which is a major advantage when it comes to housekeeping. 

Fade Resistant  

Chemical treatment of cotton sateen fabric contributes to proper dye distribution and ensures the colour fastness of your bed linen. You can therefore get bed linen in a variety of vibrant long lasting colours to enhance your bedroom decor. 

Easy To Wash 

Caring for cotton sateen bed linen is easy. Washing in mild detergent on a gentle cycle will get them clean and ready for post-laundry care and use in the bedroom. 

Get in Touch 

If you feel that cotton sateen is the best option for you, make sure that you contact a reputable bed linen dealer to guide you through the sourcing process.